Con Prep and a Book Sale!

Wow! Am I ever glad I have this week off from work!

One thing this will allow me to do is get a good chunk of work done on polishing the MS of The Daedalus Enigma and prepping it to submit. It will also give me time to return to my Sekrit Projekt, which has been on hiatus for a few months now. (I just haven’t had the energy or time to devote to it lately.)

Still, I have to decide on and print out an excerpt for my scheduled reading at LibertyCon. I also need to prep for the two panels I will be on and make sure I have everything I need for selling my books during my 3 Authors’ Alley spots.


For the entire month of July ALL of my currently available Waves of Darkness titles as well as my unrelated short story In the Dead of Winter will be available on Smashwords at 50% of the cover price! The code for the discount is posted on each title’s Smashwords page.

If you’ve been putting off buying them because of financial reasons, now is your chance to get them at HALF PRICE!


Blood Curse


Demon Bayou


Silent Fathoms


Black Venom

coverart-hellsdodo 001

Hell’s Dodo


In the Dead of Winter


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