Busy Busy Busy


I have been busy and marginally productive over the past week. Partly due to a nice chunk of overtime at work, but also where my writing is concerned.

I have done my first round of revisions on the Lovecraftian horror short story Lake Effect and hope to have it ready to submit to the editor at Iron Clad Press soon. Hopefully it will make the cut for the anthology The Nameless. I still need to figure out how to cut about 500 words to meet the 10,000 word maximum without sacrificing the story.

I began typing and making initial revisions to The Daedalus Enigma yesterday. I have gotten the Once Upon a Tide and the first two chapters completed so far; 25 pages. I’m still trying to decide whether to use the Once Upon a Tide vignette or chapter 1 as my reading selection at LibertyCon.

Speaking of LibertyCon, the convention schedule is now live on their website (subject to change right up to the convention weekend, of course). 154 pros attending and so much programming they’re pushing the start time up to 1:00 pm on Friday, July 8. This is the first time they’ve started any earlier than 3:00 pm Friday.

My personal schedule for the con is happily busy:

Friday, July 8

1pm Authors’ Alley (in the Dealer room lobby) along with my friends Rocky Perry , M.B. Weston, and Dave Schroeder.

5pm Opening Ceremonies (in the Centennial Theater) where everyone gets introduced, and if they don’t stand when their name is called, it is assumed they are “at the bar.” (Blame that one on the Baen Barflies.)

Saturday, July 9

1pm Autograph Session (in the Dealer room) along with Brett Brooks and Michael Lackey.

2pm Reading (in Gallery B) shared with Dave Schroeder. We both get a half hour.

8pm Panel “It’s In the Blood: What Fuels Our Fears, Attraction, and Fascination With Vampires” (in the Centennial Theater foyer) along with Brett Brooks, Declan Finn, Becky Kyle, Terry Maggert, and moderated by Karen Bogen.

10pm Authors’ Alley (in the Dealer room lobby) along with Brett Brooks, Sevan Paris, and Rocky Perry.

Sunday, July 10

10am Kaffeeklatsche (in the Roosevelt Room) along with every attending pro who isn’t too hung over from the Saturday night room parties to be up that early on a convention weekend Sunday. It’s a chance for con goers to mingle and mix with the pros… and have coffee.

12pm Authors’ Alley (in the Dealer room lobby) along with Brett Brooks, David L. Burkhead, and David B. Coe aka D.B. Jackson.

2pm Panel “What’s New In the World of Pirate Fantasy” (in the Centennial Theater foyer) along with Jack Finley, Rich Groller, and Rocky Perry. I got pegged to moderate this one by our program director, Rich.

I don’t know how many, if any memberships are still available. LibertyCon strictly limits attendance to 750, and they were only around 30 or so tickets left last time I heard/saw anything about it. If you want to enjoy a family-friendly convention with one of the highest pros to attendees ratios with authors, artists, scientists of every stripe, gamers, and cosplayers in abundance, I suggest you ACT NOW. (The Chattanooga Choo Choo, which hosts the convention, is sadly fully booked, but there are overflow hotels available.)

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