What’s in the Hold?


(Found this photo on a Google search for tall ship interior images. Used without permission, and I will remove it if the copyright holder so requests.)

I find it odd and mildly frustrating that I’ve gotten so little done on a rare four-day weekend. I had such grand aspirations. Still, I am a long established procrastinator and easily distracted. Apparently, I have also been making up for a sleep deficit.

One thing I have accomplished recently: reaching a point in the MS of Maelstrom of Fate concerning a long-anticipated encounter. I have forced myself to slow down on it a bit to get the elements right. Some, I have been planning for years, others are flowing according to how the characters involved have developed since this scene first presented itself to me. If you’ve ever played out several possible ways a confrontation can go down, whether in fiction or in your own life, I’m sure you can see my trepidation. I’ve even argued with myself over where to have the meeting take place.

Then there is Viktor’s mental state at this point in the story. I won’t hesitate to say he’s still dealing with a major loss, one I did not originally plan to happen. This makes him a bit unpredictable for me right now; not an easy position to be in as his creator/writer. I’m not even sure who will or will not survive this encounter, other than Viktor, of course. He still has things to attend to, whether he likes it or not.

On The Adventures of Pigg & Woolfe: As soon as I get feedback from my beta readers on episode 2, I will send episode 3 to them and start working on necessary revisions.

I had planned on working on a logo for TAoPaW this weekend. I may still work on I this evening, but I doubt it. Even this blog post is a day late.

… and I still haven’t restrung my guitar.



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