Apologies and Progress Report


First of all, I would like to apologize to the organizers of Steampunk Expo & Gothic Con. I have repeatedly harped about the lack of adequate notice ahead of time for this convention. It turns out this was not the fault of the organizers but of the algorithms used by Facebook to determine what posts show up on my news and page feeds. Because of that, I did not see the post a good nine months or so in advance of the convention dates until several months later.

I do intend to attend the next one and will proactively check their page and website regularly for news of the next convention’s dates.

On to the progress report.

I have received feedback from two of my three beta readers on the first episode of The Adventures of Pigg & Woolfe, A Chance Encounter, and made some revisions accordingly. Both of those readers now have copies of the second episode, The Truce, as well as a monograph, The Aeropolis of Tunilia, intended to be included as bonus material in the first omnibus collection of episodes.

I also typed up another bit of future bonus material today in the form of a between-the-episodes vignette, Dressed for Dinner.

On the Waves of Darkness front. I finished the first draft of chapter 14 of the seventh book, Maelstrom of Fate, this week. I intend to begin typing and revising book six, Daedalus Enigma, in the next month or so.

It is my belief that getting back to the Steampunk serial has helped revive my writing fervor. I’ve been working on the Waves of Darkness series for 10 years now, and this close to the end of the current story arc I began to encounter a lethargy regarding the writing. Part of this probably stemmed from having to get into Viktor’s head space regarding the loss of a very valuable member of his crew in book six. I want to do the characters and story justice, but that is a really bad mental frame to dip into, even in fiction.

The Adventures of Pigg & Woolfe is a romping adventure filled with swashbuckling, thrills, and intrigue. In other words, a much lighter fare than Viktor Brandewyne’s world at the moment. It is refreshing for me to revisit on the weekends and helps me regain some good mood so I can tackle  WoD again during the week.


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