Random Ramblings

Fast your seat belts, mates; it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!

So far I’ve heard from one of my three beta readers. The second has had life interrupt things. I poked and prodded the third one today.

I sent off a review query today to a reviewer who has not read my books. If you know of any honest reviewers out there with good followings, please direct me to them or them to my books. Really, since I’m pretty much the only one in charge of promoting my books, it’s the best way to expand my audience and (hopefully) readership.

My cats are still entertainingly insane. We got a new door mat today. This one is made of recycled rubber and not as likely to slide or roll the corners as the old one. Star was quite spooked by this smelly new thing in the hallway. She approached it with great caution, ready to dart away to safety should it make any sudden moves. Watching her edge just close enough to reach out one dainty paw and tap it experimentally was quite entertaining. I refrained from making any sudden noises to make her jump. I didn’t feel like waiting two hours for her to come out from behind the couch afterwards.

I will not be attending the local Steampunk convention this year. Work schedule doesn’t allow for it, and I didn’t plan ahead for it.

That is all.


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