I’m Too Lazy to Think of a Click-bait Title Right Now

Who else out there suffers from the frustration of thinking of all sorts of projects or things to get accomplished/taken care of when the weekend comes while they are at work, where they cannot DO any of those things, only to forget or be too tired (mentally and/or physically) once the weekend comes?

This. Drives. Me. Bug-$#!t.

One thing eating at me is whether or not to attend a Steampunk convention next month. Part of me wants to; I know over half the panelists who will be featured; it would be a good break from everyday stress; it would be a good opportunity to start building my platform for The Adventures of Pigg and Woolfe; yet I keep putting off deciding.

I will say that working on TAoPaW on the weekends HAS helped my creative process. It is allowing me to slowly get back into the storyline for the serial I abandoned/back-burnered over two years ago. It also has gotten me out of the slump I was falling in with Maelstrom of Fate, book 7 in the Waves of Darkness series.

I’ve also been getting creative ideas for artwork to accompany TAoPaW. For instance, I’d like to paint portraits of the four main players and create Steampunk frames for them. It would be time-consuming, but worth it, I believe. I’ve also considered just painting the portraits and commissioning the frames, perhaps from Sara Neathery. She does beautiful work.

Oh, before I forget: I now have three beta readers looking over the first episode of TAoPaW, A Chance Encounter. I typed up some of the bonus content to be included in the first omnibus collection of episodes yesterday, Aeropolis of Tunilia. I wanted to have more than just a handwritten version of it on hand. I’ll probably type up the second episode, The Truce, tonight. I go on nights this week, so I’ll be up late to adjust my sleep cycle.

I may include a title list of all the episodes I have first drafts of in next week’s blog post.

Back to things I keep meaning to do over the weekend but just lack the motivation once it gets here: restring my guitar. My husband bought me new strings AND a new electronic tuner for Christmas, and I still haven’t gotten the guitar out of the closet to take care of it. I also need to get to work on the cover art for book six of WoD, The Daedalus Enigma. I need to start typing it up and revising it, as well.



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