This is something I have been very guilty of over the years; sometimes without major repercussions, sometimes at great cost, and occasionally to my advantage.

For instance, a lot of stress might have been avoided on my job over the past two years if I hadn’t kept putting off putting in for a department transfer. Still, I’ve made it through the worst of the repercussion so far (I just have to hold out to August for this particular problem to be completely off me).

I apologize for being so deliberately vague about this, but I try to post as little as possible about my “day” job (the one that pays my bills and afford me health insurance and other perks for which I am extremely grateful).

I also tend to procrastinate on taking action on things to do with my writing career. In fact, I am very good at talking myself out of doing some things, either because I’m lazy or because of fear. I know some things would be a risk, but I also know they have the potential to pay off greatly.

What I need to keep in mind is that I’m not getting any younger. I have been on this planet for half a century now. Given my health issues, I know I will be lucky to enjoy two more decades here. Then again, I may be around for a full century. I do know that the next moment is no more a guarantee than the next day, year, or decade. I’ve seen people my age, younger, or older leave this world behind, often without warning.

I have  got to stop procrastinating on things that are important to me, face my fears, and take calculated risks. (I have no intention of taking foolish risks. My goal is to enjoy the rest of my life, not shorten it.)

On another note:

Viktor, Grimm, and Belle recently granted a group interview on Mom With a Reading Problem . I’ve also posted this link on each of their character profile pages.


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