Captain’s Log: ConNooga 2016


Some of the Usual Gang of Idiots, or as I prefer to describe it: a Table Surrounded by Degenerates

This was taken the last day of the convention at John Hartness’ (seated) table. Robby Hilliard, Writing track director, is in the red shirt. Jay Requard is mugging for the camera. Peggy Brooks is on the far right completing a purchase. John’s writing is great. Buy his shit! (Since they are too small in the photo to read, the book marks say “Suck it, Edward!”)

Had a great time at ConNooga despite having a little difficulty getting into the proper headspace for it. I think something was a little off with the tzatziki sauce on the gyro I had the day before the con. I dealt with lethargy and indigestion most of Friday.

Friday and Sunday I spent mostly in the dealer room. Saturday was the only day I had panels, and I was BSing my way through two of them. (I am only familiar with two of the authors out of several who were discussed at both those panels.)

Book sales weren’t bad, but they weren’t great, either. One copy of Blood Curse sold on Saturday and two sold on Sunday. I donated a signed 5 book set (Blood Curse, Demon Bayou, Silent Fathoms, Black Venom, and Hell’s Dodo) to the charity auction. I ended up a little late getting to the con Sunday morning and discovered someone had walked off with a copy of Hell’s Dodo.

While this proved mildly irritating, I found it both flattering and slightly amusing. First, that someone would steal a book in a room holding booths with thousands of dollars worth of jewelry, leather goods, and costuming is rather funny. Second, I wonder if they grabbed the book because of the cover art or if they thought it was the first book because it was on one end of the display. It is about a pirate, which makes a little hard to bitch about the theft. My hope is that the thief feels remorseful enough to BUY the rest of the series online.

Hopefully, I will get the photos I took uploaded to Facebook before the end of the week. You can find albums from previous conventions I’ve attended here or here.

I made some new friends, saw some old friends, met a long-time internet friend in person for the first time (and Alice only lives about 7 miles from me, for Pete’s sake!), sold some books, discussed all the things, had a fruitful costume/cosplay photo safari, remembered to EAT SOMETHING, wasn’t masochistic enough to wear the boots with high heels so I wore the flat-heeled ones instead, wandered through the room parties, bought a new corset and some jewelry, managed to leave-with-fewer-books-than-I-brought-because-I-didn’t-BUY-any-like-I-usually-do this time, learned some stuff, and generally had a good time.

As a parting shot, I will say…




2 thoughts on “Captain’s Log: ConNooga 2016

  1. Sounds like other than stomach troubles (sea legs to land legs and back will do that to ya sometimes) you had a great time! Maybe one year I’ll actually convince Grey we need to make it up to Connooga. “Hugs” Gigs

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