Con Prep and Other News

Chattacon41 Chattacon 41 is nearly upon us. I’ve been busy today making sure I have everything ready for my Dealer room table as well as the panels I’m on. I’ve packed my books. (Ten full sets of each title.)


I will be offering discounts on purchases of three or more titles. However, because of the rules, I do have to charge the local 9.25% sales tax on all purchases as a registered dealer.

I am also offering a leather waist cincher for sale at my table. It is too large for me now. It is reversible black/brown leather with front and back parachute cord lacing. I’m asking $30 USD.


Another item I’m trying to sell is a stainless steel necklace I received for Christmas that is a duplicate of one I’ve had for a couple of years. 008

In other news, I added a new excerpt from Hell’s Dodo to the Convention Reads and Excerpts section of the Readers’ Refuge: “Hunting In New Orleans.” I came across a hard copy I used at LibertyCon last year and realized I’d neglected to post it here.

I’ve already started to get programming emails from the Lit Track directors for both ConNooga and LibertyCon. Nothing like the first convention of the year to get everyone on the ball for the others at the same venue later in the year.

There is another convention at the Chattanooga Choo Choo this year in April, but I may not be able to attend and will not be a dealer at if I do attend, since my current books don’t really fall into the genre represented. Steampunk and Goth Expo My Steampunk serial The Adventures of Pigg and Woolfe got put on the back burner a couple of years ago to allow me to concentrate on the Waves of Darkness series.

On the writing front, I am working on chapter 10 of Maelstrom of Fate. I’d hoped to be further along than that, but given my writing schedule and habits (I do most of my writing during work breaks) I’m not too disappointed. It didn’t help that my main character was dealing with difficult emotions and a mental state not easy to write about for the first few chapters. It was not an easy mindset to get in and out of daily.

One of my biggest goals this year is to survive all the political diatribe from all sides without committing mayhem over it. I loathe politics, and I’m already sick to the teeth of political posturing and propagandizing. While I’m not sure yet of whom I will vote for, since who is ultimately running has not been determined yet, I do know whom I will NOT vote for. My choices on this are my own and very private. I ask that people please not try to get all evangelical about their chosen candidate around me, regardless of who that candidate is.

I don’t want to hear it.

Thank you, and I apologize for the minor rant. I’ll make my convention report next Monday.

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