Adventure, Excitement, and Really Wild Things


This has been a weird week.

It started off with the funeral and burial of my Aunt Jeanette Hickey, my Dad’s only sister.

The greater part of the rest of the week was spent eyeball deep in research for a secret project. This is something I’m not at liberty to discuss just yet, but it will mean some major changes if everything plays out like I hope. (The gag order is self-imposed; that’s how secret this is.)

We did go and get our tree about mid-week. I decorated it today. This is our second year with a real tree. The branches are too dense for the cats to get up in it or get tangled in the lighting. I did not use all the decorations currently in the house. (There are decorations in the storage shed that have been there for years.)

Pictures will be posted once I take some.

I added more sample reads to the Readers’ Refuge in the Convention Reads and Excerpts section. There are now two excerpts from each of the titles in the Waves of Darkness series currently available.

I hope to receive a galley of Hell’s Dodo later this week. Once it is proofed and approved, it will go live in all ebook formats and print-on-demand. I will do a cover reveal as soon as I have a copy of the finished cover.

Although I have been off work all week, I’ve only gotten a little bit of writing done on Maelstrom of Fate. See the above paragraph about secret project research.

I hope everyone in the USA who reads this had a pleasant and peaceful Thanksgiving.

To all my friends and readers who participate in NaNoWriMo, sanity is overrated anyway. Here’s to a good start and your survival. I already know some of you got something usable out of it. Let the editing begin.


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