Changes and Improvements

under construction

As I learn more about how stuff works in WordPress, I will continue to tweak this blog site. The latest tweaks have involved reworking the BOOKS and SHORT STORIES section to improve and streamline navigation. I’ve given each book or story its own page and made this the parent page with links to them. The individual book pages have publication dates, blurbs, purchase links, and review links.

I have also added interview links on my About page and on Viktor‘s character profile. There were at least two author interviews I could not link, however. The posts or sites they were on have been removed since they were done. (They were a few years old, anyway.) I hope to add new interviews in the coming months.

There may or may not be a weekly post next week. Work has gotten very, very busy. Next weekend is a turn-and-burn for me. I’ll be coming off of night shift for a 50+ hour week on Saturday morning and have to go back in to work Monday morning the following week.

Oh, and I have my ticket for ConNooga next year. I’m still waiting to hear back from the vendor coordinator at Chattacon about getting a table in the dealer room and my convention membership. However, I have heard back from the program director and need to send her a list of panel subjects I’d be willing to do. 2016 will be the first year I’ve sat on any panels at Chattacon.

That reminds me. I need to add an Appearances page. werkwerkwerk


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