And So It Begins…

The plotting out of Maelstrom of Fate has been completed. I have 9 handwritten pages of plot points and notes to guide me on this voyage. I’ve decided not to assign chapter numbers to these. When I did that for Hell’s Dodo and The Daedalus Enigma it rarely worked according to plan. Sometimes a point I’d assigned to one chapter spread out over two or more, while separate chapter assignments got melded into one.

Even in plotting, scenes I thought wouldn’t take place until near the end of the book moved closer to the middle.

There is also the element of surprise to deal with. Throughout the writing of this book series, there have been scenes and actions I didn’t know about until I was in the middle of writing them, or the characters let me know about them. They have not always been straightforward about this, either. For instance: in the second book, Lady Carpathia was supposed to kill Commander Turlington. Instead, she spared his life and made him a sort of pet. It was not until writing book six that I learned what her ultimate purpose for defying me on this was.

This has been and continues to be a fun journey with Viktor and his crew. I hope that you, my readers, find it just as enjoyable.



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