The Beginning of the End… or is it?


I’ve finished my reading break and started plotting Maelstrom of Fate (book 7 of the Waves of Darkness series). I’d originally planned this to be the final book of the series. I am still debating whether to make the follow-up story arc a series or a single novel. I’ve been chronicling Viktor’s adventures since 2006. (I was writing the third book, Silent Fathoms, when I finally got a publisher.) Part of me doesn’t want to break from these characters, but I do have other projects I’d like to devote more time to.

The Adventures of Pigg and Woolfe, a Steampunk serial adventure based loosely on The Three Little Pigs, comes immediately to mind. I would also like to revisit and hopefully finish A Dream of Water, a stand-alone fantasy novel based on a very detailed dream I had a few years ago. I had planned for this one to be YA, but that’s just not happening; my psyche is too dark to keep it “clean.”

Meanwhile, two weeks ago I saw Christmas trees and decorations being put out for sale just across the aisle from Halloween stuff at my local Kmart.



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