Chaos Storm Approaching

Just thought I’d let you know that future posts may be sporadic for the rest of the year. I anticipate having to work a good deal of overtime at my non-writing job in the months to come. While this will improve my writing productivity, since I do most of my writing during work breaks, it will severely curtail my computer time.

Meanwhile, I’ve begun research to look for a possible good fit for my Steampunk serial, The Adventures of Pigg and Woolfe (TAoPaW).

I also have a Seekrit Project in the works. More information will be made available about that on an as-needed basis. A few already have an inkling about what’s going on, but I trust them not to spread rumors. Suffice to say that it is something which has the potential for great upheaval.


In other news, on the advice of fellow indie author, Jennifer Waller, I will probably download LibreOffice onto my laptop. It did not come with MS Office, since they don’t want to give that for free anymore with new computers. That meant I couldn’t use it to make my MS writing mobile. Libre will not only enable me to write on my laptop, but easily convert to different file types depending on what potential publishers require. I like the sound of that a lot! (Especially since my desktop is starting to show its age.)

I will try to do a little more character profile page building soon. I still need to work up a satisfactory profile pic for Xandricus.


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