The Final Stretch

I have had unexpected time and opportunity to write more this past week than I expected. As a result, I am very close to the end of writing the first draft of The Daedalus Enigma. There have been a few unexpected developments in the final chapter that have extended it beyond my original plot points. This means I may have to rethink chapter division points throughout the book when I do my first revisions.

Before I get to that point, however, I plan to take a writing break and work on reducing my TBR pile by a few titles. There are a couple of series I’d like to catch up on. Some of them I’m at least 2-3 titles behind on already.

I will also start plotting out the seventh (and final… in this story arc, at least) book of the Waves of Darkness series; Maelstrom of Fate. That will take place well before I start revisions on book six. I’ll also have to make more time for writing if I hope to meet my goal of one book per year in the series. I’d really like to get this story arc finished before I pick any of my other writing projects back up.

(The exception to that being to type up, revise, and pre-edit my short story Lake Effect for submission.)

In the meantime, enjoy these zombie cats.



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