Attacking the Closet Monster

…not to be confused with “Attack OF the Closet Monster.”

Did something yesterday that has been loooong overdue. We purged our closet. About five large (yard trash size) garbage bags of clothing, shoes, and bedding went to the Goodwill donation trailer. Two more bags of clothes and shoes too worn out to donate, plus two old comforter sets impregnated with cat fur went to the local transfer station for transport to the dump.

The closet has been organized. Costuming and accessories are in one corner. Coats are in the very back. Winter wear currently is close to the coats’ permanent home. (I usually just drape whichever coat or jacket I’m using during colder weather over the back of my chair for easy access.) Summer wear is front and center. Tank tops have been hung rather than the unruly pile they were in on the shelf. Hats, rarely used jewelry, and a pair of his dress shoes take up the shelf now. (I don’t know why he kept the shoes, when he donated his only suit and tie. We never go anywhere that requires that kind of attire.) Almost all the shoes have been moved to the closet floor from along the wall next to the bed.

Oh, and the guitar has been tucked into the other closet corner. I really need to pick up new strings for it and a good tuner. Even with new batteries, the tuner I have is so old it doesn’t pick up very well, and the display is hard to read.

The cats had to sniff all the newly opened floor space in the bedroom, of course. Wally decided the guitar’s former spot was perfect for him to lounge in.

One of these days, I’ll attack the study. …sez the ultimate procrastinator.


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