Random Thoughts


This has pretty much ben my mental state this weekend.

First, I would like to send out a prayer for the families of ALL those slain or injured this past week in the attacks on military installation here in my home town, Chattanooga, TN. Thankfully, it looks as if this act of brutality has been answered by overwhelming efforts to unite and heal the community and all the faiths that make it up. Yes, there are instances of knee-jerk reactions and hate, but they have been overshadowed by acts of love and forgiveness. In this instance,¬†I am proud of my hometown’s refusal to rise to the hate-bait.

I am reminded that the world is a dangerous place, and living is a dangerous business. This does not trouble me as much as one would think. Safety is at best an illusion, and at worst a lie and a prison/loss of freedom. I accept this fully and would not have it otherwise. I also refuse to live in fear or what may happen.

To quote Jimmy Buffett, “I’d rather die while I’m living than live while I’m dead.”

Next up: The writing has begun to flow again, so I’m past the block. (I warned that these are RANDOM thoughts.) I also got a good deal of proofreading/revising done on Hell’s Dodo.

I still haven’t started on the cover art. Cat containment projects have taken up most of the weekend. My husband will soon be re-entering the work force, so we had to come up with something better than shutting the cats in their room while we’re at work. (They are not allowed outside, and we don’t want to risk any escapes when we come in or leave. There are predators and parasites here we don’t want them exposed to.)

The solution has been to install a screen door in the hallway between the door of their room and the back door. We don’t use the front door, since we park in back. This will give them their room, the kitchen, the living room, and most of the hall to romp in. It also allows us to run them out of our room (a necessity for sleep thanks to Cricket-of-Boundless-Energy’s tendency to run over our heads, play with the pull cords for the blinds, talk to Ceiling Cat from the top of the TV, and generally be a sleep-preventing nuisance when we turn out the light) without cutting down the air-flow. cricket-of-boundless-energy

Hopefully, Tribble will overcome her fear of the new door soon. Star and Cricket are still bothered by it, but will pass it. Wally and Louie could care less about its existence.

We also have an unusual squirrel in this year’s crop. I’ve never seen a grey squirrel with a ringed tail before. I think this must be a mutation, but a nifty one. I can’t promise I’ll ever get a picture of it, since I don’t keep my phone or camera with me constantly.

That’s all I can think of to post about right now. This is already a day late, and I need to get to bed soon to prep for a week of night shift.

Thanks for indulging me.


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