LibertyCon Looms Large!


I am about as ready for LibertyCon at the historic Chattanooga Choo Choo as I can be. I’m taking off from work at lunch Thursday night. I have to get some sleep before the convention weekend. I’ve printed out my schedule for the con. I know they have a schedule app for both iPhones and Androids, but I want to conserve my phone battery for my Square card reader.

I have selected the first three chapters of Hell’s Dodo for my reading Sunday. I’ve printed out a fresh batch of author cards to hand out. I’ve also printed out entry slips for the giveaway contest for a signed copy of Black Venom.

This week is the last chance to enter in the Red Shirt contest I’m running for The Daedalus Enigma. Currently, there are 16 entries. The contest closes at midnight Thursday. To enter, comment on this post or on any of the posts announcing this contest on FB or Plurk. Two vampires need vict… er volunteers to feed them.

My appearances at LibertyCon are as follows:


4pm Autograph session in the dealer room

6pm What’s New In Dark Fantasy? Centennial Theater

9pm Author’s Alley dealer room lobby


11am Autograph session in the dealer room

7pm Author’s Alley dealer room lobby

8pm What’s New In Pirate Fantasy?  Gallery A


10am Kaffeklatsch (coffee, continental breakfast, and mingle with the pros) Roosevelt Room

11am Reading  Gallery B

12 Author’s Alley dealer room lobby

I will hold the drawing for the Red Shirt Contest (open to anyone) during my autograph session Saturday morning. I will hold the drawing for the book giveaway (open only to convention members) during my final Author’s Alley session Sunday.

Needless to say, my blog post next week will be late, but I will give a full report of the convention. LibertyCon is one of my favorites.

The one thing I won’t be doing at LibertyCon that I had hoped to is a cover reveal for Hell’s Dodo. Between tending a sick husband, work, finishing the first portion of that fan art commission, and convention prep, I haven’t had time to get started on it yet. I do have a design for it clearly in mind. I also came up with the cover art composition I want to do for The Daedalus Enigma this past week. Maybe I will have time to work on them over the Summer shut down next week, after the convention.


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