Morning Thoughts of Moose and Squirrel

Now that I have your attention, I shall explain this blog’s title.

Last week, I came across a video of a girl and her moose. The link at the end of the video was That started this line of thought. The bull moose in the video is obviously a young one and possibly raised at the wildlife rehabilitation facility the video was shot at. He’s definitely a big baby and loves attention.

A few days after watching the video, sitting at my computer, one of our ceiling squirrels casually scampered by outside the bay window behind my desk. He didn’t seem skittish. I tapped on the glass, and he came back to the window and looked at me as if to ask, “What do YOU want?” We’ve had squirrels do this to our cats at this same window in the past. Some even stand there with their forepaws on the glass antagonizing Louie. I swear, if that cat had opposable thumbs and a glass cutter….

Thoughts of these two incidents collided in my head over coffee on the back porch Friday morning. Thus, my blog post title was born.

Now, it is Monday morning, as I write this post a day later than I’ve tried to schedule myself, and I try to cram everything I meant to do over the weekend into one morning. Soon I will have to go back to bed for a nap to adjust to night shift for the week. What did I do with my time over the weekend, when I could have been productive? I waited (and am still waiting) for a reply from the coworker who commissioned that Dragon Age fan art about background details. I suppose I’ll have to get with her at work tonight. I also indulged in a hidden object game downloaded from Big Fish Games. It has been a couple of months since I’ve played one, and this one is from one of my favorite series: Dark Parables by Blue Tea Games and Eipix Games. (I probably will play a little more of it after I post this.)

I do hope to get the fan art done this week. I would really like to get to work on the cover art for Hell’s Dodo. I am losing hope that I will have a completed cover ready to reveal by the time LibertyCon rolls around. It could still happen, but I’m being realistic. There is a lot of stuff I still have to get ready for the convention.

Proof that authors are masochists: I’ve found another project that I probably should work on soon: putting together a press kit. I have to research what all goes into one first, and when and where it best comes into play in marketing my works. Given my procrastinary nature, this may be a while in the making.

I think I will close up this post for now. My mind is hopping about like a flea on Monster.evil-lagh


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