LibertyCon Update and other nifty things

I would invite people to come see me at LibertyCon, but if you don’t already have a membership, you are out of luck. For the first time ever, LibertyCon has SOLD OUT all their memberships. This is the first year they had 700 available, and now they’re all gone (they had around 500 when I started attending this convention a few years ago).

I am really looking forward to this convention. They added an Author’s Alley outside the Huckster Hall this year to accommodate all the authors who do not have a dealer table. I’ve purchased 3 one hour slots, which will give me a place to hawk my books other than my autograph sessions, panels, and reading.

Another reason I’m looking forward to this convention is the sheer number and variety of scientists in attendance. I’ve looked through the profiles of the science panelists and seen at least two whom I wish to mine for research material for a future stand-alone novel I’ve had in the back of my mind for a while now. With the first arc of the Waves of Darkness series growing close to its end (I’m penning the next to last book of the 7 story arc and plan to take a little break before developing the next arc), I will have time to devote to There Is No Arizona, a dystopia story set towards the end of this century. That project is going to require quite a bit of research on several subjects to do it justice, but it IS a book I will write. Many of the cast have already introduced themselves to me, and the main storyline demands to be written.

In other news, I am almost done with the first drawing of a two-drawing Dragon Age fan art commission. I only have to add a background and finish the eyes. I learned long ago during an  Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter fan art project to leave the eyes for last. Having Jean-Claude STARE at me while I finished drawing him was very distracting.

This fan art is a romantic pairing of the character Fenris with a human female. Here’s the progress, so far:

DAfanart3 I apologize for the poor quality image. I took this pic with my phone. The drawing is too big for my scanner, and colored pencil doesn’t reproduce very well anyway.

The second half of the commission will be of the character Solis with a female elf.

I will start on it AFTER I have done the cover art for my next book, which I hope to have ready to reveal by LibertyCon, the last weekend of June.


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