SNOT is not what this post is all about

…but it has played a major factor in my life recently.

I. Hate. Being. Sick.

On to important stuff.

I will be running two contests for the remainder of this month until the last weekend of June.

First, I have two red shirt spots for The Daedalus Enigma (due out Fall 2016). To enter, comment on this blog or where I’ve shared the link for this blog on Face Book or Plurk. I will compile a list of names and have someone draw two of them at LibertyCon. Winners will be announced after the convention, and video of the drawing will be posted on Youtube on my Viksbelle channel.

The second contest will only be open to attendees of LibertyCon. I will hold a drawing for a signed copy of Black Venom at the convention on Saturday, June 27. The winner will have until the end of the convention to claim their book. I’ll have to work out some of the details with the convention organizers on how to enter and to best ensure the winner finds out they won.


Next item of business: Although this was the second weekend I have been dealing with this head cold, I was at least productive this time. I got a good start on the fan art commission; I did some writing on the MS for The Daedalus Enigma (something I rarely get to do at home); and I got quite a bit of typing done on the MS of Hell’s Dodo.

This coming weekend will be a long one for me. I work four ten-hr. days a week, so I’m off Friday. because of memorial Day, I won’t have to go back in to work until Tuesday night. Hopefully, I can get the fan art done, and get a good bit done on the cover art for Hell’s Dodo and the two promised book covers for a couple of friends. One is for a book of harp music; the other is for a short homoerotic fantasy story.

I’d like to do a cover reveal of Hell’s Dodo at LibertyCon.

Now if I can just get rid of this darn cold AND get my husband nursed back to health, as well.


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