Life Is Weirdly Amusing

Hello kiddies!

I’ve got a lot of stuff to cover this week.

First, about the title for this post. I received what I grew up calling a “wish book”, aka a mail-order catalogue with a little of everything in it, unsolicited in the mail the other day. My Mammaw used to get these things all the time. Occasionally she’d buy something, but mostly we’d just look through them to see what nifty stuff-we-didn’t-need they offered. I think this one might have shocked her, had she seen it. (Mammaw has been gone since 1998.)

There, nestled among the flower and vegetable seeds, clothing, as-seen-on-TV items, and other doo dads, were four pages of sex toys, videos, and male enhancement products.

Luckily, I am not easily offended, I am easily amused.

Second, I am nearly finished with the first draft of Lake Effect, a slightly Lovecraftian horror short story/novella (I’ll know which to classify it as once I’ve got it typed up) I plan to submit for a horror anthology I was invited to participate in. I have messaged the editor to get the proper formatting and submission guidelines she requires.

Third, a few weeks ago, I made a major score at a yard sale. Now sitting in my TBR pile are the complete Chronicles of Amber and the Roger Zelazny’s Visual Guide to Castle Amber. I’ve listened to the late Zelazny reading two of the books from this series and enjoyed the stories (if not the performance… sorry, but the man had no flair for vocal theatrics in my opinion). the books I got are all hard cover, and I got the entire lot for $16. I love yard sales.

Fourth, I have possibly three cover art projects awaiting me. Not only do I have a design in mind for the cover of Hell’s Dodo, the next book due out in my Waves of Darkness series, but I have two requests for cover art from friends. One is for a gay porn fantasy story, the other is for a book of harp music.

Fifth, not only will I be attending LibertyCon in late June, I have paid for three hours (to be distributed over the 3 days of the convention) of table time on Author Alley in the lobby outside the dealer room. This plus a reading, autograph session, and whatever panels I get assigned to, will make this a working con for me. If you’re in the Chattanooga area at that time, come see me, but get your membership soon. LibertyCon has a strict limit on the number of attendees. 

Finally, I am in the midst of a reworking of my diabetes management. My doctor and I are trying to work out a regimen that doesn’t involve insulin injections, since I had a bad incident in which my sugar bottomed out in the 30s back in December. The good news is that I’ve lost weight since stopping insulin. The bad news is that my A1c has gone UP sharply. We just added a new med to the mix this weekend. She’s gonna give me 2 months to get it back down, or it’s back to the insulin. the only comfort there is that she’ll keep me on the new oral meds and start the insulin out MUCH lower than I was previously taking. it is a work in progress, to be sure.

Just for fun, this picture reminded me of some of the “horror” stories a friend of mine who used to work in a B&N told me.



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