Why Not Go Mad

There are several things I want to cover in this post, so please bear with me.

First off, I’ve updated Viktor and Belladonna’s character profiles. The photos are from Getty Images. I am STILL waiting on the color-corrected (photo shopped) versions. (Yes, Kat, I’m talking to YOU. pickpickpick)

Secondly, I’m close to finished with the rough draft of my short story for next year’s horror anthology, The Nameless, coming from Iron Clad Press/Fantom Enterprises. I’d have already finished it, but I find it easier to concentrate on my writing during my work breaks than I do at home. Probably because my cats and husband aren’t at my job, nor is any of my social media. I REFUSE to put social media apps on my phone. (It gets crappy signal inside the plant, anyway.) I’m old enough to still believe a phone should primarily be a communication device rather than a toy.

Thirdly, I hope to get back to typing up and revising my MS for Hell’s Dodo, soon, as well as back to writing on my MS for The Daedalus Enigma. I have a cover image in mind for Hell’s Dodo that I need to develop, as well.

Fourthly, I am watching the Nerd Girl website closely this week in anticipation of a review of Blood Curse. NerdGirl Vamp has finished the book and requested a copy of Demon Bayou for the next review, which I have sent to her.

That’s pretty much it on my author news for the week. Thank you for reading.


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