Snow, Convention Update, and Build-a-blog

snowpassat This was my car this morning. The roads have been plowed, but my driveway is still covered. I am steeply uphill from the road. My shovel, which would have been used to clear the concrete drive is in the shed uphill from me. Since I cannot get to the shovel safely, chances are, I wills till be snowed in tomorrow.

snowhearts (This was my driveway as seen from my study window during the dusting we got a few days ago. I thought the pattern left by someone turning around in it was pretty nifty.)

The upshot of this is that I probably will not be able to attend the first day of ConNooga. I am not happy about this, but personal health and safety is more important than doing a panel and a reading and MAYBE selling a book or two.

I still intend to try to make it to the convention Saturday and Sunday. I have two panels scheduled Saturday. Sunday will be mine to do as I please.

Ironically, my copies of Black Venom arrived from the printer the day after they were ordered. I now have six full sets of the four titles currently available in my Waves of Darkness series.

I have added a few more pages to the Waves of Darkness character profiles, as well as some pictures.

Hezekiah Grimm now has a picture. I have also added the entire Brumble family along with pictures. The three offspring, Zachary, Thomas, and Samantha can be found under Tobias Brumble’s profile page. Go have a look!

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