Bear with me kiddies; this may turn into one of those posts that is all over the place. It’s been one of THOSE weekends.

First up: I have received my marching orders for ConNooga’s lit track. (This is one of the conventions I do NOT have a dealer room table at but DO participate in the programming.) ConNooga runs from February 27 to March 1 this year. It is held at the Chattanooga Choo Choo AND the Chattanooga Convention Center.


4 PM  Women in Sci-Fi and Fantasy: Authors, Characters, and Readers  room 19 (Convention Center)

7 PM  Readings   Gallery B (Choo Choo)


10 AM  Blogging, Platform, and Online Marketing for Writers  room 19 (Convention Center)

NOON  Writing for a Series  room 12 (Convention Center)

The rest of the convention I can be found wandering the dealer room pushing my books (literally) or attending panels or workshops I am not sitting on.

Second item: I love my cats, but Cricket-of-Boundless-Energy is a shit. He cannot STAND for me or my husband to try to sleep. He walks all over us and will NOT settle down. He jumps up on the TV and talks to Ceiling Cat. He boxes his reflection in the wall mirror. This results in one of us (usually me) getting back up and spending sometimes a good 20 minutes getting ALL five cats OUT of the bedroom. We can’t just shut Cricket out. That would cut the others off from their food, water, and litter.

Just for the record, Cricket and his sisters are not quite one year old yet.

Third item: Time for a writing update.

I am well along in the MS for my short story “Lake Effect” which will be submitted to Iron Clad Press/Fantom Enterprises for the horror anthology “The Nameless.”

The MS for “The Daedalus Effect” (book 6 in my Waves of Darkness series) is around the halfway point but on hold until I finish “Lake Effect.”

I have submitted some minor cosmetic revisions to my publisher (Gypsy Shadow) to be made to “Black Venom” (book 4 of the Waves of Darkness series) as it is prepared to go to print-on-demand later this week. These changes should also be applied to the various ebook versions, as well. Mostly, they involve where italics should be, not actual changes to the MS.

I finally got back to typing up and doing initial revisions/edits to the MS of “Hell’s Dodo” (book 5 in the Waves of Darkness series). This is the first I’ve worked on it since early last month. I only got about 1 1/2 chapters typed during today’s session, though. I started getting the droops and saw I’d typed “mortar” instead of “moving” because I started to fall asleep with my eyes open. I have had similar events happen when writing while sleepy. My brain will just switch tracks mid-sentence.


Fourth item: Weather sux… especially if you are anywhere east of the Plains states this week. North is getting slammed with yet ANOTHER blizzard. South is getting psychotically indecisive Winter weather. It doesn’t know whether to snow, sleet, or rain. The only consistency is record lows due about mid-week. Wednesday night’s predicted low keeps hovering around zero, give or take a few degrees depending on when you look at the forecast.

For a while there, I thought my weekend would get extended. They had initially predicted up to 8 inches of snow followed by freezing rain. Given the rarity of such weather this far south, that kind of accumulation has the potential to shut down the roads for a day or two, at least. The forecast has since backed off to just rain for my location. Guess the coldest air won’t make it quite this far. The northern border of Tennessee will still get the nasty stuff, though.

Thankfully, Friday’s forecast has backed off, as well. I have to go exchange my lease vehicle that morning after I get off work. (I’m on night shift this week.)

Well, that sums up everything I can think of to write about right now. See you next Sunday, if not sooner.


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