Chattacon 40

008 Chattacon 40 was a blast! (I’m the one in the middle. The other two pirates are Chattacon regulars and appear in various other costumes throughout the con. I’m sure they’ve told me their names at some point, but I’m lousy with names, even at work.)

The convention had a new programming director this year, resulting in plenty of programming for the entire weekend, rather than mostly just Saturday. Of course, the majority of the time I was in the dealer room, tending my table. This year I was between a t-shirt vendor and Tanda Corsets. The corset table provided me with lots of entertainment. (Several GUYS tried on and bought corsets/waist cinchers. I learned from one of the attendants that it was not uncommon for Victorian men to wear such garments under their waistcoats. The DO provide good back support.) The attendants also helped me configure my Square account properly, something I was unsure of how to do, since this was the first time I’ve used it.

Last year was my first year to have a table at this convention. The temperatures then were in the single digits; rare for Chattanooga, TN. I only sold two books that weekend, and I’m sure those were “pity purchases.”

This year, I sold 5 books. Thankfully, two of the many people who told me they’d come back by Sunday did not develop what I call Sunday-at-a-convention-amnesia. Jilliana Babb, one of my convention friends and leader of the Merrybellies Orion Dance Troupe, DID run into the amnesia phenomenon when several people failed to show up for the 10am Sunday belly dancing class. (It has been my experience that the first panel/class/event on Saturday or Sunday at ANY convention will have very light attendance. Everybody was up most of the night partying, or had a room next to one of the parties and didn’t get any sleep.)

I only spent money on 3 things at this convention. I usually do more shopping than that, but I’m happy with what I got. First, I paid my pre-registration for LibertyCon at their room party. I’ll go more in-depth on the party later in this post. The other two things I got were a glass-bottomed pewter mug (not quite a pint) to compliment my pirate attire, and my very first true corset.

019 (That’s me in the new corset with Groovy.)

I only attended two of the concerts: Opposite Box on Friday night, and the Molly Maguires on Saturday night. The later performances ran very later; resetting and checking the sound system between groups took FOREVER. I ended up heading over to the consuite and room parties for free food and blackmail material. Staying sober because I go home every night instead of springing for a hotel room does have its advantages.

LibertyCon’s party was the only open party going on Friday. Saw several friends there. On the way out of the hotel, a nice looking guy (probably mid 20s to early 30s) asked me where the part was located. I pointed him in the right direction. Based on what happened next, I think he may have already been imbibing a bit. (At first it was hard to tell, since it was 11:30pm and the entire hotel smelled like booze at this point.) He said I was a “gorgeous” pirate lady and asked if I wouldn’t happen to be “single and horny.”

I admit he looked a little disappointed, when I told him I was married and coming up on my silver anniversary. Awwww. (Heck, I’m fixing to turn 49 this Saturday. I’m more of a crazy cat lady than a cougar.) I gave him my card and mentioned my books, because I am a shameless attention whore when it comes to my books. He told me to tell my husband, when I got home, that he was a very lucky man; and if he disagreed, “smack the shit out of him.” (I’m starting to build up my own list of “this one time at a con” stories! Last year it was getting out of a conversation with a VERY drunk Doctor Who by spotting Jack Sparrow and leaving to take his picture at the room parties during ConNooga.)

All in all, I really enjoyed this Chattacon.



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