News and Nonsense

003 Chattacon is almost here. This is the only convention (so far) that I do a dealer room table at. The picture is of my table last year, which was also my first year to do a table. I decided, since my books are pirate-themed, to use “golden” dollar coins to make change for cash purchases. (They can also be used for the parking garage next to the Choo Choo.) If you are in the Chattanooga, TN area January 30- February 1, please drop on by the historic Chattanooga Choo Choo and enjoy the convention. This year’s Chattacon promises to be the most exciting one in a few years, with plenty of programming all three days, good entertainment, room parties, and free food in the ConSuite. See for full details and membership cost.

Elder's Stone This necklace I bought from Back to Earth Creations at one of the conventions a few years ago is the closest I’ve come to finding a RL match for the “Elder’s Stone” talisman that my main character, Viktor, uses when having to deal the Sisters of Power and their magical interference. I wore it Friday while on errands. It afforded me an excuse to promote my books while at Walmart. The cashier asked what it signified, and I told her about the books and gave her my card. She also asked me about how I got my books published, since she is writing, as well. I told her persistence. I tried to find an agent, with no luck; I tried to find a traditional publisher of the variety that didn’t require authors to be agented, with no luck; I finally found my current publisher through Facebook, because a published friend of mine liked their page. From inception of the Waves of Darkness series until finally seeing the first book published as an ebook took four years. Not a bad length of time compared to some more well-known authors.

I also did a little self-promotion at the bank while getting the dollar coins for my change box.

I am on the final chapter of reading A Case of Spontaneous Combustion, book 5 of The Displaced Detective series by Stephanie Osborn. I started the book yesterday and would have finished it last night, if I hadn’t spent most of the morning making sure I had all of my convention table set-up ready to go. I highly recommend Ms. Osborn’s books, by the way. She is an exceptional author and scientist, and a genuinely nice person. I hope some day to attain her caliber in world and character building skills. Feel free to check out her website!

That was the news; now on to the nonsense.

The fearsome daystar has finally dispersed the overnight leavings of the frost bears. Pesky critters always come around this time of year and BREATHE on everything. They make the grass as sparkly as my “sparkle” rocks I find occasionally in the yard. (These are rocks with miniscule crystals throughout or layering them.)

One of these rocks looks to be a fragment of a small geode. Milky crystals have grown to meet up in it, and the overall effect is of jagged teeth in a tiny jaw. It looks like the rock wants to bite you.

I’m trying to decide whether to start on the next chapter of my current WIP or go ahead and start on the horror short story I was invited to contribute to an anthology from Iron Clad Press and Fantom Enterprises which is due for publication sometime next year. I had planned to start it during Chattacon. I’d figured to still be reading this week, but I have a tendency to devour a book, when I get in reading mode.

Rather than continuing to ramble, I think I’ll wrap this post up now.



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