Chattacon is just around the corner; the first convention of the year that I regularly attend. This is the only one (so far) that I have a table in the dealer room at.

There are three local conventions that I attend, all based at the historic Chattanooga Choo Choo.




There may be a fourth added this year, if it continues this year: Steampunk Expo and Goth Convention I’m still waiting for them to update their site.

I’ve taken inventory of the print copies of my books that I have on hand: 9 copies of Blood Curse, and 8 copies each of Demon Bayou and Silent Fathoms. I won’t have any copies of Black Venom yet, since it’s not due in print until next month. I hope to have copies of it by ConNooga.

I’m also working on having some character cards or bookmarks available for Chattacon.

Chattacon is the last weekend in January; January 30-February 1. If you’re in the Chattanooga area that weekend, please come by and say hi.


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