[The following is a transcript of part of a dream I had early January 13, 2015.]

“Oh, look! He’s going for it!” one of a group of young men gathered near a wall says.

“Do you think he’ll eat it?” another asks.

“I don’t know.”

We watch as a strange snake stalks a small lizard. The snake is striped lengthwise in brown, yellow, white, and orange, with a hint of green. Its body is about the length of my arm and about as thick. Oddly, it does not slither, almost as if its body is stiff. The lizard is gecko-like with a white underside and a large black irregular blotch along its back outlined in yellow. The snake opens its mouth to take in the lizard. The snake’s entire head takes on a “C” shape that reminds me of a gripper tool like those used to reach jars on high shelves.

“Yes, he’s going to eat it,” I say.

The snake’s head returns to a normal shape, like that of a pit viper. I wonder if it is poisonous. It’s overall shape would indicate that it is, but I’m not sure.

“Yes, there are the teeth now,” I say.

The snake is now green. Sharp teeth begin to extend from its jaws, but they are green, as well. I suddenly realize they aren’t teeth at all, but tiny tentacles. They trap the lizard.

The scene shifts.

I see my cat, Wally, but he is about the size of a young “teenage” kitten rather than the 7 year old cat he is. He has his feet tucked up under himself. I tell him he needs to run away, that the snake is as big as he is. He doesn’t move.

I turn and see the snake approaching between a woman’s feet. I know it will eat Wally if it reaches him. I say, “Excuse me,” to the woman and grab a flip-flip. I don’t want to kill the snake. It’s just hungry; but I have to protect my cat. I hit the snake repeatedly in the head until it is flattened. I know once I start beating it that I have to kill it, or it may attack me. Finally, the snake’s eyes close; its head is flattened out; it has turned a brownish red, and smoke wafts up from its mouth and eyelids. I know it is dead.

The dream shifts to something I no longer remember.

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