Back to Work and a Writing Update

Tonight I go back to work, starting the work year off on night shift. Ugh. The Winter shutdown is over, and it is time to build more cars.

I am hoping that this year I won’t have to spend any of my unplanned paid time off on winter weather. The past two or three years have had days in January that had weather conditions that made getting out of  my driveway safely impossible. (Steep concrete driveway covered in ice. To try to go down and lose control would have me flying across the road and into either a tree or my neighbor’s house. They are downhill from the road.)

My current progress on typing up the manuscript for Hell’s Dodo has me with 18 chapters done plus the foreword and prologue. That is just over 33k words. Only 28 more chapters to type. Good thing the book isn’t due for release until October.

That is all.

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