Christmas, Writing, Doctor Who, and other tidbits

Christmas is finally over, although most of the decorations will stay up until New Year’s. I’m not sure about the tree. it isn’t drawing water very much anymore, and it sheds something awful. We’ll TRY to leave it up, but we may have to tag and bag it before the next week is over.

I had to pick up a new belt for my vacuum cleaner. I still have to install it, but nearly 7 years working for a maid service in the past affords me that skill and knowledge. I still think I should sweep up as much of the fir needles from the carpet as I can before I try to vacuum there. Evergreens are rough on vacuum motors.

The image for Mr. Grimm’s profile page will have to wait until after New Year. My budget is VERY tight right now. I will send Invicta Photography a message to that effect, since she is the owner of the image I want to use.

On the writing front, I have started typing up the manuscript for Hell’s Dodo, the fifth book in my Waves of Darkness series. It will be released sometime around next Halloween, if my publisher sticks with their schedule for me. I am over halfway through writing the rough draft of The Daedalus Enigma, the sixth book in the series. I had hoped to be further along than that by this time, but I’m not too nervous yet about it, since It won’t be released until 2016.

I watched both the original animated How the Grinch Stole Christmas AND the Doctor Who Christmas special, The Last Christmas, last night. At first I thought I would have to watch one or the other of them on demand, because I mistakenly thought they were scheduled up against each other. Thankfully, that was not the case. I AM still irritated at ABC for over-booking commercials during the Grinch AND for snipping off bits and pieces here and there to allow for the extra commercials. At age 48, it is easy for me to spot where they’ve butchered it.

I thoroughly enjoyed Doctor Who. I will not post spoilers here, but the trope the writers used has been a sci-fi standard for years, and they handled it very well. I admit I do not follow the series’ every episode, mostly because of my work schedule and the irregularity of BBC programming compared the American TV schedules. I would like to catch up on it eventually. I would REALLY love to find ALL of the episodes dating back to the original Doctor back in the ’60s. (I first discovered the series in reruns on PBS in the early ’80s with Tom Baker, the fourth Doctor.)

Back to book news:

The annual Preditors and Editors Readers’ Poll opened on Christmas eve and will run through January 14. Black Venom, the fourth book in my Waves of Darkness series, has been entered for Best Horror Novel of 2014. When last I looked at the tallies, it was fifth down the list in a three way tie for third place. Friends and readers voted my third book, Silent Fathoms, up to a finishing rank of fourth place last year.

I would appreciate any and all votes for Black Venom. I believe you can help me top last year’s ranking. The P&E Poll does have a limit of one vote per category per email address. they do NOT spam voters, but they want to keep the voting as honest as possible and weed out voter bots and fraudulent votes.

To vote for Black Venom go to

While you’re there, feel free to browse the other categories and vote; or nominate a book/short story you like if you don’t see it on the poll. 🙂

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