Christmas Madness

Last night, my home smelled like sin.

We made our annual triple batch of fudge. It turned out 4 pans. We’re keeping 1/2 a pan and will be giving the rest away, some to friends and family, and some goes to my department at work’s annual Christmas lunch, Monday. We’ll be baking cookies Sunday. Again, we’ll only keep a small fraction of them.

I doubt the tree will stay up much past Christmas. I usually leave it up until just after New Year’s, but that was the pre-lit fake tree. The real tree has stopped drinking, and sheds quite a bit. We make sure to have the lights turned off and unplugged when we’re asleep or out of the house. We also make sure to inspect the wires daily to make sure the kittens haven’t chewed on them.

One can’t get so full of the holiday head that they forget basic household safety. So many people lose their homes, and sometimes lives, to fire at this time of year simply because they don’t take the proper precautions.

Watch here for some more blog-building this weekend and the week between Christmas and New Year. I plan to add some more character profile pages, whether I have acceptable pictures or not. Those can always be edited in later. 🙂

I will be putting my main character, Viktor Brandewyne, and two major secondary characters, Belladonna and Hezekiah Grimm, up sometime today.


2 thoughts on “Christmas Madness

  1. I was waiting for the fudge recipe, Tamara! Not that I don’t have enough sweets around here…Your character names are fun.
    I have little fake tinsel trees (one turquoise and one fuchsia) and a tall cone of swirly christmas balls in the middle with thickpurple tinsel and lights at the bottom. Kind of past the present-giving-receiving stage in most of my relationships (at my age people start moaning “but I already have too much stuff!”) so I don’t have to have actual room under the tree. Got lovely new family photos from my niece. In my copious leisure time some day I will put all of them in their own file in the computer. That is sort of like winning the lottery–one of those things that is going to happen “some day.”
    Have a very sweet and safe Christmas and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

    • We use the Fantasy Fudge recipe off the Kraft Marshmallow Crème label. Turns out wonderful every time. The only thing we do different is substitute the equivalent weight of baker’s chocolate with semi-sweet chips. The chips melt fast, and you don’t have to chop them up first.

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