Happenings and Developments

This has been a weird week.

Monday, I scared the crap out of my husband unintentionally.

I am diabetic, and have been taking insulin glargine (a slow-release type of insulin, normally) as part of my management plan. This injection is meant to be subcutaneous rather than intravenous. Occasionally, one does hit a small blood vessel by accident.

I did.

Within half an hour of the injection, my blood glucose level bottomed out at 33. It took a glass of orange juice, an iced Christmas cookie, and half a box of chocolate-covered cherries to bring it back up to normal levels.

I personally felt no fear during this incident. I was too preoccupied with trying to maintain coherent thought. My reflexes were slow, my eyes dilated badly, my ability to make rational decisions or respond to questions from my husband was severely impaired, and at the nadir, I suffered disorientation, no sense of time, and mild memory loss.

Thankfully, I was not alone when this happened and managed to avoid slipping into a coma. Had I been alone, I doubt I would be here to make this blog entry.

Wednesday brought a renewed attack on my computer by a Trojan virus we’d removed once already. Our anti-virus program successfully fought off the attacks, but took too much CPU usage to allow the computer to function properly.

The powelik Trojan has been successfully removed AGAIN. Hopefully, we don’t encounter it anymore. I’m not sure if it came through the advertising my ISP runs on their home page and email pages or from the webcomic site I was looking at when the attack occurred. The first time we got this virus, we thought it came from wordpress, since that was the only new place either of us had visited prior to the attack. Now, I’m not so sure. I’m leaning toward the ads as the entry point.

Friday, my publisher shared an article or two about Facebook’s upcoming policy changes towards pages and what constitutes a business page or advertising. Corporate greed strikes again.

I intend to use this turn of events to leverage a better following for this blog and less reliance on FB for promoting my writing.

Also, check out the new page I added: Waves of Darkness Character Profiles. I will be adding more character profiles as I can acquire fitting graphics. (That’s right, Katishka; I’m about to nag you mercilessly for the promised photo-shopped pics of Viktor and Belladonna.)

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