Christmas Under Seige

Thanksgiving is over. The tree is up and decorated. Let the month-long battle begin!

We started with this, our first live tree since 1990.


Next, I added stuff (a tiny fraction of what I normally put on the tree, but this tree is smaller than my pre-lit artificial one and has much more…flexible branches).


The final result looked like this.


For a more psychedelic look, try the no-flash version to show the lights. My ancient camera does NOT have a stabilizer.


Now add the Rottentots, Wally and Louie, and the Wreckin’ Krewe, Star, Tribble, and Cricket.


I have already picked up and re-hung multiple tree ornaments, and I’ve had to straighten out the tree skirt at least twice a day this weekend.

Star seems to have it in for every deer ornament and decoration I’ve placed. This poor guy gets taken down every time the cats are out of their room.


The Nesting Snow Family asked that I also include a plea for the location and safe return of their pet penguin. I suspect the little guy is either under the couch or the stove.


I hope every enjoys their holiday, whichever ones they choose to celebrate. 🙂


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