The Recent Insanity

Because of a recent Trojan infection of my computer that happened close to the same time I became active on this blog, I avoided posting for a while. The Trojan has been successfully removed. Hopefully, I don’t accidentally revisit whatever link carried it.

Some of the events that happened while I was off this site:

We set up our pre-lit tree to let our three youngest cats get over the initial “what’s this?” rowdiness. It only stayed up two days. Louie, one of my two six-year-old cats climbed into the tree for a little while to reestablish his nest shortly after we got it up. Wally, Louie’s littermate, sniffed it and walked away. Cricket and Tribble, two of our teen kittens, sniffed and walked around and under, but went no further during that time. Star, their littermate, would not come into the living room at all.

Once she finally got over her case of the “Nopes”, Cricket and Tribble decided they would climb in it. We expected this. It was part of the reason we set up the tree early. We wanted the novelty to wear off. A few hours later, Tribble miss-stepped and got her hind quarters hung in the lighting wires. She was removed unharmed but scared.


We didn’t want to risk one of them getting really hanged overnight, so we boxed the tree back up and have decided to get a real tree this year. Lights just wrapped around a tree will slide down under the weight of a small animal; the intertwining lighting wires on a pre-lit do not allow for that.

In other news:

Once I get the photoshopped pics back from a friend of mine, I will start building a character profiles page for this blog. I have kept the nagging of said friend light, since she offered to do the ‘shopping for free, but she’s had pictures of Viktor and Belladonna for a few MONTHS now. (pokepokepoke)

I am going to try to stick to posting here every weekend, with the occasional random post in between.


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